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Design and buying tips for bathroom tiles

Design and buying tips for bathroom tiles

One of the areas where we probably spend the most time is the bathroom. We take the time to pamper ourselves, such as with baths or by rinsing off before bed. It’s a place where feeling at ease is more than necessary. Bathrooms, on the other hand, are often cramped places that are there in our houses for utilitarian reasons. When primping in the shower, however, these settings face a number of challenges, including dealing with large waves of heat and humidity. 

As a result, having bathroom tiles in the bathroom will help you to satisfy the demands of your bathroom while also delivering additional benefits. Bathroom tiles, in fact, not only make your bathroom more durable, but they also provide the appearance of enlarging the frequently cramped space of these rooms. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of bathroom tile ideas for you to consider when arranging the walls of your bathrooms. If you’re looking for ideas on how to choose tile for a bathroom, look no further than this article.

Choosing Bathroom tiles

You’ll find different tips on how to choose bathroom tiles in the list of recommendations below, ranging from colors to tile shine to contrasts to create a unique bathroom.

Choosing Bathroom tiles

Bathroom tiles in the Bathroom in Light Colors

Color is definitely one of the greatest and most significant guidelines when it comes to picking bathroom tiles. It is critical to choose colors that expand the space, which is why light colors, including pastels, are recommended. Light hues will provide light to your bathroom while also being less dirty than white. You can start with taupe, linen, or cream for this. You could also consider adopting more universal colors in areas like toilets. This is why bright colors are good since they infuse the bathroom with vigor and enthusiasm. With the various attachments, you may experiment with color contrasts. Light bathroom tile colors have the advantage of lasting longer and wearing down less rapidly than darker hues.

Contrasts are fun to play with.

Contrasts are fun to play with.

While light tones will brighten your bathroom walls, darker tones can be used on the tiled floors. In fact, floor bathroom tiles are often confronted with dirt and dust which emerge particularly in light tones. In addition, a bathroom is a place where you take care of your hair or even your body hair. So, to keep your bathroom ambiance looking cleaner, it is important to install darker bathroom tiles. However, although the walls are light colors and the floors darker, it is important that these different colors work together and therefore remain in the same color panel.

Optical for Shine

How to choose bathroom tiles for a small bathroom? Small bathrooms are often gloomy, either because of windows that face other rooms or because of small windows. Shiny bathroom tiles will be your finest option for adding light and making it simple to reach for these reasons. Indeed, adding glossy bathroom tiles to your bathroom will allow light to bounce off of them and return even more light. As a result, rather than light tones, we recommend installing bathroom tiles with a glossy surface. In a tiny bathroom, this will accentuate the sensation of light. You may also use this technique to mix multiple tiny mirrors in different parts of the bathroom to enhance the light impact.

The Bathroom tiles’ Dimensions

The size of the bathroom tiles is the final item to consider when picking bathroom tiles. It’s true that little bathroom tiles from 1960s decorations may still be seen on occasion. However, in order to manipulate the perception of space, it is necessary to accentuate contrasts. For this reason, we recommend selecting large-scale bathroom tiles for a tiny bathroom. Nothing can compare to the XXL bathroom tiles, whose join offers a fresh look and a new trend. This will create the appearance that your bathroom has been doubled in size without requiring any significant changes.

We’ve included all of our best suggestions for picking the perfect bathroom tiles and making extra space in one post. You just need to use your creativity to create a bathroom that suits your preferences. Visit to read about Decorative tips to select your bathroom tiles.

Buying advice Bathroom tiles for the Bathroom

Choose from a variety of colors and tints, as well as design bathroom tiles and more, to make your bathroom a more personal area.

Colour of the Bathroom tiles

For flooring, I recommend dark colors such as navy blue, browns, and other similar hues. But stay away from black. Homeowners may pick from a number of lighter colors for bathroom walls, including creams, blues, purples, and more. A mix of design bathroom tiles and colored bathroom tiles may be used to improve bathroom décor.

Tile Size For flooring

Tile Size For flooring

Use bathroom tiles that are 2’x2′ or 3’x3′ in size. With larger bathroom tiles, there will be fewer tile joints, making the bathroom flooring seem cleaner. Smaller bathroom tiles will have more tile joints, giving the area an untidy appearance.

The recommended tile size for bathroom walls is 2’x1′. With this tile size, there will be less waste.

Finishing the Bathroom tiles

Glossy gloss and Matt finish are the two most common tile finishes. Matt finish bathroom tiles or semi-gloss finish bathroom tiles (50 percent glossy and 50 percent matt finish) are excellent choices for bathrooms. The most common use for these finished bathroom tiles is on the wall. Homeowners should only get anti-skid bathroom tiles for their floors. Because bathrooms are often damp, anti-skid flooring will save you from sliding.

If you’re looking for design or pattern bathroom tiles, we recommend Italian finish bathroom tiles to make your bathroom décor more stylish and sophisticated.

Bathroom tiles of Design

One very fundamental piece of information that every house owner should be aware of before picking design or patterned bathroom tiles is the waste percentage of the design tile selected. Because the design of each tile must match the neighboring one, more attention must be used while laying the design of bathroom tiles. As a result, there is a significant amount of tile waste. For instance, suppose a homeowner selects a complex pattern, such as a wave design tile. During installation, each tile’s design must match that of the neighboring tile; otherwise, the design will be meaningless. It is chopped to mimic the wave pattern of the bathroom tiles, resulting in a lot of waste.

The proportion of waste varies depending on the tile pattern/design. The chopped section of the tile may be utilized vertically or horizontally for corners in a few designs. Unless and until requested, no vendor or shopkeeper will provide these facts to a house owner. As a result, knowing the waste percentage for the tile design/pattern selected by a homeowner is critical.

Bathroom tiles with highlighters

There are highlighter bathroom tiles that come in both plain color and design options. Homeowners may choose from these options based on their preferences and bathroom design. However, homeowners must be careful not to overdo the highlighter tile in the bathroom, otherwise, the interiors will look too loud. Typically, a 20-80 ratio is maintained, with 20% highlighter bathroom tiles and 80% ordinary bathroom tiles being utilized.

Homeowners may use various colored bathroom tiles for different places, such as the shower area, WC area, and basin area, to create visual flair. Similarly, homeowners may use a variety of wall tile combinations to make their bathrooms smarter and more fashionable.

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Sydney Buyer’s Agent Tips: How to make your Customer Happy

Sydney Buyer's Agent Tips: How to make your Customer Happy

As you can expect, the real estate business is very competitive, and it takes really strong to survive there. For instance, many buyer’s agents like you are ready to snap up any customer who is not satisfied with your service. Therefore, above your will to make money, you should be concerned about how happy your customers are at the end of the deal. Otherwise, you may lose them to another agent.

When you lose one Customer, remember that you have lost a great deal of future business, actually to infinity. Therefore, you must prioritize that all Customers have their needs met and be motivated to refer their friends and family to your for business. Such happy customers will be more than willing to refer others to you. To become the buyer’s agent you dream of, you should build repeat businesses.

That feat is only possible when you establish a long-lasting relationship with your customers. Starting from giving them truthful information and establishing a personal connection based on trust, your customers should have no reservations when dealing with you. Even if you know all these facts to be accurate, how are you applying them in your daily deals? No matter how old you have grown in the industry, you need the following tips also to improve your delivery. 

Educate your customers on the process of buying a home

Educating your Customer on the home buying process will save you a lot of headaches as you proceed. And your job is actually to lift off the burden from your client, which is an indirect way to help yourself. When you explain every step of the way to your Customer and keeps updating them on the progress, they can relate better. Also, remember to add what they should expect along the way and ask relevant questions when that seems unseen.

Furthermore, show them the options available from your searches and your findings. In addition, tell them about every form they may need to fill and submit and when due. Show them the contract terms and answer every question they may have. You should also conclude how much your payment will be, whether a fixed amount or a percentage, a variable. 

Give out materials to review on their own

At times, meetings with your Customer may not answer all the questions. So, you can make things easier by sharing with them some of the materials that contain the items you wish to tell them. Ask them to go home and review them, and if they have any questions, they can send you an email or call. At some point along the journey, they may need some refresher. So, don’t be shy to provide the information, even if it is about something you had mentioned before. 

The top professional buyer’s agents in the industry have also shown that creating informational materials can keep your Customer engaged. When you give them such materials, it will also help eliminate any anxiety and ensure that they have something to refer to. You must know more than the contents of the informational material, including the updates where necessary. Ensure it also contains all the details of each step in the process. 

Get safe and personal with your customers

Every other step above can tilt towards the professional side, but you also need the personal side. What your customers know about the home buying process is not complete until you also get to know them and their interests. New agents often find it easy to assume that they already know the customers. But the truth is that you cannot wholly know someone if you really what to help them. 

The knowledge does not really start for some relationships until the home search phase. While for others, the personal knowledge is after they have trusted you successfully with some information and even deposits. The vital part is that your customers should respect your opinion because you are speaking their language. And how can you communicate it if you don’t know it? Customers are unsurprisingly happiest when dealing with agents they trust. Built that trust. Click here to read about A Surprising, But Effective, Approach to Build Trust With Consumers.

Listen and take notes

Whether you are meeting your clients for the first time or the umpteenth time, take notes every single time. Your conversation is not just about having a polite discussion; let them know that you care about every gesture they make. Effective communication also involves active listening, which is further enhanced by keeping records. If writing is cumbersome for you, record the conversation but tell them what you do and why. 

Active listening involves giving feedback and asking questions about their interest, preferences, and sometimes personal lives. However, you should be sensitive to the information that the Customer is willing to share and what they don’t want to disclose. Don’t insist on where they are reserving, except it is a vital factor in achieving this goal of buying their home. While relating with your customers, sincerity is also crucial because it forms part of the foundation for the relationship. 

Be indispensable

If you don’t make it clear from the start by your disposition and attitudes, you may lose your potential buyer. As a buyer’s agent, your Customer mustn’t want to relate with someone else but you on this subject from the first meeting. Firstly, you may not be the first agent they speak to, but ensure you are the last. Many factors can contribute to cementing your place in their hearts, starting from timeliness, confidence, and knowledge. 

In addition, make a bold statement with your presence that your absence is felt. At the same time, you must balance this step without overwhelming the Customer in a way they feel inferior to you. Make them feel special and communicate it constantly because they are why you are called a buyer’s agent. Without a buyer, there can definitely not be a buyer’s agent. Meanwhile, never ever mention another ongoing deal in the presence of your client.


On a final note, the actual product we sell in the real estate industry is the service. Trust me, properties are everywhere, and buyers can still get home without an agent. It may be tough, but it is not impossible. So, ensure that the Customer’s interest comes before yours. If you master the above keys, you can strike and complete any deal with finesse. You can read about Sneaky Scams from Fake Buyers Agent and Protective Measures by visiting

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Sneaky Scams from Fake Buyers Agent and Protective Measures

Sneaky Scams from Fake Buyers Agent and Protective Measures

Facts show that real estate professionals, including buyers, sellers, landlords, and renters lose up to a billion-dollar each year due to scams. That is not even the worst of it all; these scammers are also devising new means to become more sophisticated and harder to catch. It is challenging to recover the financial losses that come from their activities. 

The scams within the industry come in different ways and employ various strategies. Therefore, to make a successful deal, one must learn the good side of things. You should also learn to protect yourself and your clients from these rotten eggs. When these scammers commit the crimes, they target the otherwise most beneficial properties. But, there is good news! 

Suppose you can develop your proactive ability as a professional buyers agent. In that case, you can easily spot red flags as warnings against some real estate properties. You can then build protection for both yourself and your client, who is the buyer. This article will show some common strategies that scammers employ. It will also offer ways of mitigating the risk and standing tall against them. Let us begin by showing some sneakiest ways such scams occur. You can read about the best Buyers Agent in Sydney by visiting

A Closing Wire Fraud

In this real estate fraud, the scammer begins to hack into the email inbox of a target party in a real estate deal. It is often the closing or title company that is the principal party. It may be relatively difficult to detect these hacks because the scammers simply check and follow the mails when these hacks happen. As the communication goes on, they will be planning which ends of the interaction to attack.

Meanwhile, closing wire fraud is not very common on our list today. However, it still requires that we learn about it and the ways to prevent it. The primary reason is that this fraud can cause the most devastating effect on our clients. By the time the closing period of the deal is closed, the scammer generates a fake email to address what they have been observing. They sound like the email comes from a reputable source by providing the buyer’s true identity and providing fake wiring instructions for the closing funds. Remember that the closing funds will include the down and other payments, which will now be wrongly wired to the scammer’s account.

Similarly, the unsuspecting buyer transfers the money through wire payment to the incorrect details without confirmation from the closing company. The amount sent may often range from a few thousand AUD to several thousand. And suppose the fund is sent to unregulated or offshore banks with nefarious accounts. In that case, it is challenging to trace or reverse such a payment. In fact, it may mean that the money is lost forever. You can read about Hacking refers to unauthorized access to a system or network, often to exploit a system’s data or manipulate its normal behavior. by clicking here.

Any theft at this level usually leaves the buyer completely distressed while also affecting the seller in one way or the other. The implication is that the seller now finds it defective to find another buyer for the property. At the same time, closing wire fraud impacts the real estate industry. The reason is that consumers now seem to have lost confidence in the system and its operation. 

How to protect your Clients from Closing Wire fraud

The warning signs during the closing wire fraud plan are difficult to detect because the steps of the scammer are hidden. Most of the groundwork is done in the background and in a way that hardly touches any interaction. The scammer does this during this period to mark out specific vital information. But there is a big way to protect yourself and your client.

When you or your client interact, ensure you spell out where the wiring instructions are coming from for funds transfer. And when the seller receives the instructions, he ought to double-check the authenticity, even if the source came from a regular email. Therefore, have clear communication about who is sending what information, where is it coming from, and when will it arrive. If any data arrives outside those specifics, that is a wrong signal.

An average email user should recognize that the email contents are sensitive and should be treated accordingly. And if there is a need for sending any more sensitive information, such as the account details for wire transfer, ensure you employ all the security protocols. One way to do that is to activate a 2-factor authentication that can keep your account secure from third-party access. Also, keep all business communication by email in a single place only. 

Fake Rentals on Craigslist

Craigslist contains enormous opportunities for getting prospects and leads for massive business deals. Anyone who uses or has used it should know that already. On the other hand, the platform can also harbor some highly shady characters and personalities. The real estate sector is no exception. Let us describe how some of these scams from Craigslist perpetrate their craft. 

The first step is that they go to a real estate website like Zillow and create an account. They capture the listing information for the listed properties on the market. Alongside the basic information about the property are photos, descriptions, and other information to make the scam look legitimate. The next step is to use craigslist to create a fake ad for a rental property, and they use the details from the property listing. 

When listing the property using the ad, they will state a lesser rental rate than the market value. That step is to attract searchers to think of it as a fantastic deal. And then, the innocent buyer begins to communicate with the scammer. The buyer must have paid before realizing the ad is fake because there is no home to see, and the supposed agent is fake.

How to protect yourself against Fake Craigslist Rentals

As an honest seller, the first protective measure is to start checking Craigslist for the possibility of using your property as fake rentals. The process could be an uphill issue, but after careful and location-filtered sorting, you will find it in no time if it is there. If you have a renter as a client or a buyer’s agent, you should pick the right attitude towards any offer that appears too good. At the same time, ensure you are the first point of contact with any potential homeowner. 

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Securing Customer Value as a Buyers Agent in Sydney

Securing Customer Value as a Buyers Agent in Sydney

One of the uniqueness of the real estate market, even in Sydney, Australia, is its ever-changing nature it has. In addition, it is wide and comprises different professionals who are of immense value to the buyer. One such professional is the buyer’s agent, who finds the right property and helps the buyer acquire it. In some cases, the buyer’s agent may also play different roles in the course of the transaction. 

However, this article focuses on creating the correct customer value that the Buyers agent can provide for the customer. These values should resonate with the customer’s desire amidst all the information, tips, hype, and news about the industry and the market. Creating value is essential in the market chain because that makes the resources go round, and transaction keeps happening somewhat. 

Achieving this value may also pose some challenges in the constant battle of satisfying the clients. So, as the buyer’s agent interacts with the public, some duties can prove challenging to achieve. Below are some of the essential values that the customers seek to find. These values are secure for both clients and consumers. 


Information is vital in running a real estate business, and they are validated by the buyer’s agents in Sydney. Basically, data is everywhere, including raw, honest, and fake news. Although the customers can detect when a salesperson is trying so hard to get them sold, they need some specific information from trusted sources for it not to happen.  

On the other hand, the buyer’s agent should not assume that the customers are stupid because they don’t bite on all the information they find. Therefore, sorting has to occur. And the customers must be able to differentiate between false news and true ones. Again, Sydney buyers’ agents’ job is to retell the negative stereotype that flies around them.

The first step is identifying the false information and reaching these customers out there by picking them with eyes and ears. While taking this step, the focus should be on the local real estate market. Afterward, start re-educating the people and convincing them why this new information is accurate using established facts and results. 

By practice, many Sydney real estate buyers’ clients have discovered that customers don’t want to be pushed into making choices. Instead, they want to agent or agency to guide them using facts that are obvious and proven to establish their points. Then, the buyer himself makes the final decision. Consequently, as a buyer’s agent, you must constantly update your information base.


The complex is not always better than a simple one. In some cases, the complications cumbersomeness in a business transaction make the buyer grow cold feet. Therefore, do not overcomplicate things while working on a deal. For example, it is good to engage your audience within your area of influence with different materials such as sending out postcards or other attractive items. 

But when doing so, do not attach any melodramatic information that can lose them. Such a complication will make your potential leads think you are trying to hide something by being cumbersome. On the other hand, they may even assume nothing valuable in your offer, so you clog it all up. 

Therefore, use a more simplistic approach and make your offers as straightforward as possible without mincing words. Go straight to the point and set clearly what is expected of them to do and what you will do in return. 


Customers derive more value and confidence when they establish that the offer is genuine and authentic. Otherwise, they will not even give it their attention in the first place. Therefore, ensure that every piece of information and offer you give as a real estate buyer’s agent is genuine and authentic. One proven way to achieve this posture is to be yourself and not what anyone expects you to be. 

Many Sydney real estate agents for buyers assume that they need to always be what the people expect them to be successful. That is not exactly true. Instead, learn to be yourself and be comfortable in your own shell. Otherwise, you will be denying your true self, and an intelligent customer will smell that a mile off. Do not strive to do what everyone else is doing for doing. 

Instead, let it be that you understand the actual value and imbibe it. In addition, it is wrong to make assumptions that a single approach will work for everyone simultaneously. What works may not work for another in the real estate business? It may have worked for certain people because of other factors, including their personalities. But the other person struggles with it due to nature as well. Therefore, the buyer’s agent will maximize satisfaction in accepting who he is. Even if that means not being perfect for everyone, that’s still fine. You can read about Sydney Buyer’s Agent Tips: How to make your Customer Happy by visiting


Someone once said the currency we spend in business is trust. So, from the perspective of the buyer’s agent, be the one that customers can trust because they place a significant value on that. What do you offer clients that no one else can give the same or easier rate in making offers? Apart from the business deal, your relationship may transcend official to everyday life. For instance, you can have clients who even ask for your opinion about personal issues and decisions. That is how much they trust you and your judgment on matters like paint color, installing solar panels, and vacation destinations. You wonder, why do they have to call a buyer’s agent for that? It is because they trust his judgment. Therefore, if you can earn the customer’s trust, you have added an enormous value to their lives and will not forget easily. Click here to read about accessing your personal information.


Our company provides top-notch real estate value to all our customers through our Sydney buyer’s agents. We ensure that you can find the correct deal with optimum satisfaction. Whereas we don’t override our customers’ desires by compelling them to make decisions. Instead, we guide them throughout the journey to ensure they all get a massive reward for their investment. 

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The Ultimate Guide To Online Dating

The app Hornet, which caters to the gay male community, has seen a 30-percent increase in social feed engagement since social distancing measures began in mid-March, according to CEO Christof Wittig. And the dating app Tinder reported that it saw more engagement on March 29 than on any other day in its history, with more than 3 billion users swiping to connect with people, according to an April 1 press release. In 2020, online dating revenue in the U.S. amounted to 602 million U.S. dollars, and it is projected to reach 755 billion U.S. dollars by 2024. The number of users is also expected to see an annual increase, with 53.3 million Americans expected to use internet dating services in 2024, up from 44.2 million users in 2020. That year, paying customers accounted for approximately 15 percent of U.S. online dating users. While many dating sites and apps are free, some platforms use a freemium pricing model that supports online purchases.

  • Some online dating apps have been working on implementing new features to prevent catfishing—other companies are even producing AI intelligence to fend against it.
  • The revenue from this industry and its frequency of use are astronomical.
  • Even if the person you’re meeting volunteers to pick you up, avoid getting into a vehicle with someone you don’t know and trust, especially if it’s the first meeting.
  • OkCupidwas created in 2004 by a group of friends from Harvard University.

When you engage in social events where you’re likely to meet new people, the pool of those who are single and looking is much smaller than when you’re on an app or dating site where everyone is in the same boat as you. Research shows, however, there are negative side effects of online dating, particularly for young women. People cite the obvious reasons for being on dating apps, such as seeking a long-term partner or a sexual encounter; the split is fairly even.

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Diablo Rose for Little Princess Trust

Diablo Rose for Little Princess Trust

Name: Diablo Rose

What is your job?

I’m the Creative Director at Le Keux Vintage Salon and Le Keux Cosmetics.  I do all the branding, design, and packaging for the business and am the manager of our Leeds salon where I am also a vintage hair and make-up stylist.

What social causes are most important to you?

I want to try to encourage empowerment and self-confidence in women, the confidence to live their life by their own rules, and to always be themselves. It’s so easy to get pigeonholed or made to feel you need to look/act/present yourself in a certain way in order to fit in or be treated in the right way. I want to help people find that self-belief, that they can do whatever they put their mind to, whether that’s something ‘small’ by putting a little streak of color through their hair all the way up to becoming their own boss! I get so many women to tell me they wish they had the confidence to do this or that and I always say that if they love it, then go for it, do what makes you happy. We all deserve to be ourselves, in all our quirks and differences!

What charity do you support – and how?

I support Little PrincessTrust, which creates wigs for girls and boys in the UK who have lost or are experiencing hair loss through chemotherapy treatment or Alopecia.  I’ve taken an opportunity to raise money and awareness for the trust after I discovered that a manufacturer had used my image without consent on a little girls t-shirt, which they were selling to a major UK retailer, after a long process I was able to successfully pursue a copyright infringement case against the manufacturer. I didn’t want to remain stock of the t-shirts to go to waste and just be destroyed so I knew I could do something more valuable with them, so I will be selling them and organizing a huge raffle to try to raise as much money as I possibly can for The Little Princess Trust.

Why do you have a passion for this one in particular, is there a personal tie?

I’ve known about the trust for some time now and have always thought it was an incredible cause, I couldn’t possibly imagine going through cancer treatment at such a young age, the gesture of creating a real hair wig as close to their own hair as possible to help with the side effects of chemotherapy treatment can make such a difference to the girls and boys experience and coping.

Is there a particular way you would want to encourage readers to be involved?

They can visit my social media pages for information on how to buy, donate or share the information. I’d love to be able to make this a really big fundraiser so every little way people can get involved or share would be amazing. My Instagram is @diablorose. Or if there are any companies who’d like to get involved and donate prizes you can get in touch at [email protected]

How would you define social responsibility?

Social responsibility to me is about being able to just help spread more positivity out there, in whatever way or cause that might be. Negativity and pressure are so widely published so anything that can put a little good back out into the universe can only be a good thing.

Do you have any tattoos that relate to your social work?

I don’t think it’s necessarily the actual individual tattoos that relate to my beliefs, I suppose it’s the choice to get them in the first place; my choice. Considering tattoos are so hugely popular now you still come across negativity and assumptions by some people which is ridiculous! I firmly believe it’s no one’s choice but you’re own what you decide to do with your body and people should be more respectful of that in how they treat each other.

Quick list of tattoos and artists:

My awesome tattoo artist for the past few years has been Scott Mustapic at Mustapic and Jamieson in Leeds, I also love Sam Whitehead at Blind Eye Tattoo Co. in Leeds and I’m hoping to get lots more pieces from in the future!

Check out: Joan Jett for Farm Sanctuary

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The Ike Foundation: Take A Kid Fishing

The Ike Foundation: Take A Kid Fishing

Name: Mike Iaconelli  

Describe your profession: 

I fish professionally. When I say that, most people think of commercial fishing like what you see on Nat Geo. But I’m a bass tournament angler. My job really has two parts. The first is actually competing in bass tournaments all across the country. Like golf or tennis, I have to compete against other top-ranked professionals in the world. The second part of my job is representing and promoting various brands and the products they produce.

What social causes are most important to you? 

I have a few, but youth fishing and fishing awareness are my top two.

What charity do you support – and how?  

I have supported many charities over the years, but I now have my own foundation called the Ike Foundation. The Ike Foundation was set up to help get new people introduced to the sport of fishing and in particular, to help kids learn about the sport. Our foundation does this through product and monetary donations to existing youth fishing groups, and through organizing and creating new fishing clubs and groups across the country. In addition, we focus on kids and areas where fishing is not necessarily a big activity or pastime. The foundation has also been fortunate in its short existence to have tremendous corporate supporters who share a common mission, like Toyota.

Please share your passion for this organization. What are your personal ties and how did the organization originate? 

I’m super passionate about the Ike Foundation and this cause because it ties directly to my youth and growing up right outside of Philadelphia, PA. As a kid and teen, fishing helped steer me clear of potentially bad situations and helped me learn a tremendous amount of important life lessons. I want to be able to let as many people and kids have the same positive fishing experiences as I had.

Is there a particular way you would want to encourage readers to be involved in your cause? 

The biggest way is to simply take the Ike Foundation pledge. The pledge is nothing more than printing out a certificate and signing it. The certificate states that the signer will take someone fishing that has never been fishing before – this can be a friend, neighbor, cousin, co-worker, etc. Also, the Ike Foundation and the kids’ fishing organizations we work with need equipment. We gladly take donations of gently used rods and reels and also accept monetary donations that go directly to supporting these groups!

How would you define social responsibility? 

I would define social responsibility as taking action to change society in a good way!

Tell us about your tattoos: 

I have ink on both biceps. On my right bicep is leaping largemouth bass. This represents my passion and commitment to the sport of bass fishing. On my left bicep is a “circle of life” geometric piece. This represents my belief in the natural order of things and how each part is important to a bigger whole. And my full-back is done. This piece represents my entire life and experiences. It includes a tree of life in the center flanked by a gargoyle on the right side and an angel (St. Michael) on the left. It is all brought together by columns and bridges that connect the different parts. All art was done by Dave DiGiacomo at Mystic Eye Tattoo, formerly in NJ and now in LA.

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Moniece Slaughter for ALFALIT

Moniece Slaughter for ALFALIT

Moniece Slaughter

What is your job? 

Currently, I co-star on Vh1’s “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” — Season 2 premieres Aug 31st. This season, I will be dropping a new music video and EP.

What social causes are most important to you?

I’m all in for equal rights for women which will still do not have in the United States — the Equal Rights Amendment is needed to protect women from sex discrimination.

What charity do you support?

Alfalit offers programs in literacy, basic education, preschool, health, nutrition, and community development to the poorest in Central America, South America, the Caribbean, Africa, Portugal, and the United States.

Why do you have a passion for this one in particular? Is there a personal tie?

As a mother, I am hands-on in my son’s education, and teach him how to read and write. Illiteracy is a global epidemic that results in so many other serious socio-economic issues.

Is there a particular way you would want to encourage readers to be involved? 

Absolutely. Visit and support their programs.

Quick list of your tattoos? 

Floral half sleeve. My son’s bday in Roman Numerals. Supreme on my rib cage. My son’s name. Butterfly on my hip. Dragon on my back. Dollar sign behind my ear.

Check out: The Ike Foundation: Take A Kid Fishing

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Jesse Sarvinski for Red Eye

Jesse Sarvinski for Red Eye

Name: Jesse Sarvinski

What is your job?

I am a songwriter, vocalist, and producer but I also like to include visual artists because one of my favorite things is to see a song come to life through the medium of the music video. I love to collaborate with other artists and see their interpretations of the song. 

What social causes are most important to you? 

I’m really big on health and nutrition. I believe in the power of the human body, mind, and diet and I live by the words “Let Thy Food be Thy Medicine” so I try and spread the word that you really and truly can feel better based on what you put into your body. Don’t get me wrong I can definitely slam down a pizza from time to time but in general, I like to eat clean; fruits and nuts, vegetables, lean meats, and food that comes from the Earth and has not been tainted or processed. 

What charity do you support – and how?  

I work with a couple here in LA but primarily a group called Red Eye. They are really big on spreading the arts and working with primarily children but adults also, helping people feel empowered. It’s really awesome to be a part of that.  They do so much for the community and I take part when I can. Really great people. Compassionate and excited about life and helping others. Also, a recording artist friend of mine and myself spend a lot of time on the projects, Watts.

We go and hang out with the kids, play music with them, and take them to shows that they might not ordinarily have the opportunity to see and it’s a really good time. I’m very big on teaching children music at a young age and it’s something that budgets are being cut back on a lot. Sometimes I will volunteer and go to a Preschool or Grade School and sing and teach kids about musical history or how certain songs were made or sometimes I’ll just sing something really uplifting that they can easily sing along to. It’s very important to me because music changed my life at a very early age and if it weren’t for the mentors I had around me inspiring me and motivating me to let that creativity shine, the trajectory of my life would have been significantly different. 

How would you define social responsibility?

I think social responsibility really boils down to love and acceptance and sometimes those words can sound so cliche or mawkishly sentimental but it really does. We need to keep our walls down and realize that just because we have different skin colors or religions or languages or places of origin, the same things make our hearts beat. We all need food and water, we all need sleep, and we all need love. It’s a really simple premise that might sound naive but I really do believe it’s that simple. I think that you just need to give your brother a helping hand sometimes. Ya know if some homeless guy asks you for money, is it really gonna kill you to give him a dollar? There is enough to go around for everyone and it’s important to keep your mindset in a place of abundance and not in a place of scarcity and lack. 

Do you have any tattoos that relate to your social work?

I believe in the interconnectedness of everything so I think that that would naturally be reflected in my tattoos. On my wrist I have one that reads “One Life” – again alluding to the idea that we are all one, it’s all one, and it goes on and on, as far as I’m concerned. I guess it’s just a reminder to do the right thing in life. On my forearm, I have a guitar because music is so important to me and I just loved the idea of having it there and it’s a great conversation starter. On my right shoulder, I have a Sacred Heart which is well-known Catholic Iconography.

Though I’m not practicing I love the mysticism that it represents and the idea that there is Divine love. You can call it what you want, it’s all different names for the same thing in my mind, but I believe it’s out there so it again just reminds me to have compassion, and the flames surrounding it remind me to keep the fire alive, keep that light shining and spread it around as much as you can. 

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he Accomplished Amy Purdy: Life Is Either a Daring Adventure Or Nothing At All

he Accomplished Amy Purdy: Life Is Either a Daring Adventure Or Nothing At All

Introduce yourself?

Amy Purdy, I am a professional athlete, motivational speaker, New York Times best-selling author, actor, and model.

What social causes are most important to you? Inclusion of people with all abilities, animal and environmental causes.

What charities do you support – and how?

The charity I co-founded Adaptive Action Sports WWW.ADACS.Org and many other “adaptive sport” organizations. I am currently looking for an animal and environmental organization that matches my values.

What are your personal ties and how did the organization originate?

I started the organization in 2005 with my boyfriend Daniel Gale.  At the time, there weren’t any resources for those like myself with a physical disability. For anyone that wanted to get involved in action sports like snowboarding, skateboarding, Moto X, and all action sports, there wasn’t much support. But, there were, those who wanted to get involved in classic sports like skiing and swimming. We started the organization to give people a place to go to connect with like-minded individuals and progress at their sport. We are a Paralympic sports club and have helped spearhead the Adaptive Snowboarding Paralympic Movement.

Is there a particular way you would want to encourage readers to be involved in your cause or organization? 

We work with many wounded vets who train with us part-time or full-time. We also work with kids with disabilities and young adults. Most who come through our organization never leave, they have found their place in life again and we are always looking for support to help support these amazing individuals and athletes. We are currently looking for both marketing and event support in order to create successful fundraisers to assist the needs of the organization. Donations to offset administrative costs and to support the athletes in pursuing their athletic dreams.

Sponsorships and partnerships from brands that share our values are opportunities as well. We have many opportunities for large brands to get involved and we currently work with large corporate brands including Toyota and Hartford. For example, Toyota provided us with a mobility Sienna that has really come in handy. We use it to transfer athletes to and from our training facility in Colorado.

How would you define social responsibility?

We are social creatures by nature and we need each other. I’ve learned that you never achieve anything by yourself, many times it takes the help of others who believe in your goals and dreams in order to achieve them. Once we realize how much we need each other and are comfortable and successful at creating powerful partnerships, we indeed can change the world. Each and every one of us.

Do you have any tattoos that relate to your social work?

I have a tattoo on my back shoulder blade that says, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”  It’s a quote from Hellen Keller. It represents my life, the journey I have been on, and the risks I have taken. It was done by Austin Spencer Studio 21 Tattoo shop in Las Vegas, NV. 

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